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UAT’s partnership with Ballet Arizona gives dancers an encore performance in technology.

uat-logoThe University of Advancing Technology (UAT) has always recognized the correlation between the art of technology and the art of dance, and now UAT is offering a unique scholarship that’s banking on it. The UAT Dancers of Ballet Arizona Scholarship covers up to half the tuition, which could be more than $40,000, for current dancers, or for those who decide to pursue technology degrees within one year of leaving the Company.

The partnership began when UAT President Jason Pistillo met ballerina Kenna Draxton at a Ballet Arizona event. A fan of the ballet art form, Pistillo has long admired the dedication and determination of dancers. What he didn’t realize was the challenges they face when their careers end. He learned of dancers who, after dedicating their lives the art of dance, have little to no college education, making it difficult to pursue future careers.

uat-3Ballet dancers are living the dream, but it’s also a short-lived career.

According to Draxton, who also serves as president of The Artist Relief Fund, “The life of a ballet dancer is often seen as glamorous and blessed, perfecting an art they love, but the tale that is rarely told is the end of a dancer’s career, which if a dancer is lucky extends only into their mid-thirties.”

The partnership is beneficial for retired ballet dancers and UAT. For dancers, it’s an opportunity to pursue promising technology careers at a fraction of what it would typically cost. For UAT, it’s an opportunity to recruit the kind of dedicated, hard-working, determined students that all universities desire.

“I’ve always been fascinated with performance artists and the dancers of Ballet Arizona are in a class of their own. The combination of discipline, hours of practice, innovation and creativity is pure magic. These are all the same ingredients that make magical technologists. I am at the edge of my seat to see how the dancers can re-harness that raw ability through our education to make the next generation of technology innovation.”

Jason Pistillo, President, University of Advancing Technology


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