Meet the Phoenix Community Alliance ArtWORKS PHX team!

Liz Meyers

Liz Meyers, Public Relations Manager at Santy, serves as ArtWORKS PHX vice chairman and is a member of Phoenix Community Alliance.

Carol Poore

Carol Poore, Ph.D., MBA serves on the Phoenix Community Alliance Board of Directors and chairs PCA’s Arts, Culture & Public Life Committee and ArtWORKS PHX campaign. Carol is President, Poore & Associates and Phoenix Phabulous Experience.

Devney Preuss

Devney Preuss serves as Senior Vice President of Downtown Phoenix, Inc. and Executive Director for Phoenix Community Alliance, the premier Phoenix business leadership organization creating a stronger downtown for a better urban core for more than thirty years.

PCA's Arts, Culture & Public Life Committee and Downtown Phoenix, Inc.

ArtWORKS PHX is a business-driven initiative championed by Phoenix Community Alliance Members who serve on PCA’s Arts, Culture and Public Life Committee.  PCA’s business leaders have seen the value of arts partnerships first-hand and can attest to the economic impact. Their momentum already is igniting an exciting and timely movement in Greater Phoenix.

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Our special thanks to these ArtWORKS PHX committee members:

Brad Ghormley, owner, Catapult Strategic Design, for developing the ArtWORKS PHX logo.

Heather Brown, owner, Cultural Sponge, for ArtWORKS PHX web design.

Mike Oleskow, cultural curator at FOUND:RE Phoenix, for strategy and committee leadership.