NBMA Photography Creates Phoenix Ecosystem for Photographers and Creatives

Nader Abushhab is a Phoenix-based professional photographer and owner of NBMA Photography located at Parkwood Photography Studios, a 4,400 square-foot facility located at the Phoenix Photo District. The Parkwood facility includes five separate studio spaces, as well as a kitchen/lounge area and a staging/make-up room.

Parkwood operates its space as a co-op that currently houses 20 full-time photographers who demonstrate a passion for both photography, and growing Phoenix’s photography community.

While Phoenix is home to many talented photographers, Nader observed a serious shortage of places where those artists can gather and create an ecosystem of photography experts. This type of casual downtime, according to Nader, is paramount for photographers to grow as artists and learn more about the craft that they are so passionate about. In this relaxed setting, photographers share their work with each other, gain constructive insights, and create events such as the Local Creatives Networking Breakfast, an interdisciplinary gathering of photographers, artists, models, fashion designers and graphic designers, creating a network of learners as well as creating collaborative work opportunities.

The return on investment for the Local Creatives Networking Breakfast has been significant. Nader has gained new clients as well as opportunities to rent studio space. In doing so, he is building and growing Phoenix’s photography ecosystem and integrated arts community. See:  www.nbma.photography



“Phoenix needs a place where photographers can just hang out. LA has that. New York has that. I am working to create a space like that here, in Phoenix.”  — Nader Abushhab, NBMA Photography

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