Visit the arts

  • Reward your employees with free or discounted tickets to the ballet, a concert or a museum membership.
  • Foster team-building by bringing employees together to paint a mural or sing in a choir.
  • Volunteer at local arts events or serve on the board of an arts group for professional development.

Invite the Arts In

  • Donate your space for a local art exhibit or performance.
  • Bring in artist to perform training workshops on issues like diversity, team building and leadership.
  • Present lectures of artists.
  • Host an artist in residence to enhance employees’ creativity.
  • Include art in your office to inspire employees.

Foster the Arts Within

  • Tap into the artists within your company by hosting an employee art show or battle of the bands.
  • Partner with an arts education program and encourage your employees to volunteer.
  • Participate in an arts program to encourage creativity and foster ideas.

Marketing Tie-ins

  • Advertise in playbills or local performances.
  • Underwrite the cost of tickets and print your logo on the back.
  • Employ local artists to design and produce your next marketing campaign.
  • Creatively connect your brand with an arts organization or experience.
  • Use the arts to tell your company’s story to customers and employees.

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