Founded in 1988, Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) is an affiliate of Downtown Phoenix, Inc. as well as the premier membership organization for downtown leaders. Through the alliance of a strong and diverse membership, PCA fulfills its mission to activate, advocate, and build the Phoenix we want.

PCA’s goal is to:

Activate – Inform, engage, and empower key stakeholders. PCA convenes, cultivates, and connects leaders, ideas, and innovation to leverage and aggregate resources: human capital, social capital, and financial capital.

Advocate – Develop, communicate, and champion key policy priorities. Our Alliance articulates the vision of the Greater Downtown Phoenix, formulates public policy, and shapes key messages for the benefit of the city, state, and the entire region.

Build – Envision, garner support, and facilitate key projects. Collectively, PCA members have the knowledge, vision, and strength to develop the built environment, address critical urban issues, and promote healthy communities.

ArtWORKS PHX is a campaign championed by PCA’s Arts, Culture and Public Life Committee, a host of dedicated volunteers from all walks of the Phoenix business, arts and urban planning community.

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ArtWORKS PHX is organized, backed and supported by Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) and Downtown Phoenix Inc. (DPI) to showcase unique ways business and nonprofit organizations are tapping into the arts to inspire employees, stimulate creativity, foster community collaborations and gain a competitive edge.

PCA will honor and recognize local businesses and nonprofit organizations at ArtWORKS PHX Awards Event Spring 2017.