Goodman’s Interior Structures

Goodmans “GoodART” is a great way to say “Thanks.”


Goodmans Interior Structures is a family-owned office furnishings business that is as dedicated to the community as it is to its customers. The company makes a point of leveraging its resources and assets to connect with the community in a variety of unique and innovative ways.

One example is the creative way Goodmans thanks its customers for their business. Working with Free Arts for Abused Children, Goodmans created its GoodART program Each time the office furnishings business completes a project, Goodmans gives the client an opportunity to select a work of art created by one of the children served by Free Arts, a nonprofit organization that heals abused and homeless children through creative expression. Goodmans than mattes and frames the art for the client’s office and makes a donation to Free Arts.picture3

This arts partnership reinforces Goodmans commitment to the community, and makes a lasting, positive impression with its customers. Owner Adam Goodman won’t go so far as to say this customer appreciation initiative, and other philanthropic endeavors are increasing business, but it certainly helps attract high quality employees who share the employer’s commitment to the community.
“Differentiating yourself in today’s competitive environment requires having the top talent on board in the workplace. Philanthropic initiatives like our Goodmans GoodART program go a long way in helping us attract and retain the very best talent, and that’s what drives our business.”

Adam Goodman, Owner
Goodmans Interior Structures


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