FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel

foundre-logoConnecting local artists and their art to hotel patrons.

When people visit cities for the first time, they want to take in the sights and sounds, and get a sense of the culture that exists there. The developers behind the new FOUND:RE Phoenix hotel created a space that answers that call. They describe it as an “arts boutique hotel,” but it’s not just art hanging on walls. FOUND:RE Phoenix offers guests a completely immersive experience in painting, music, literature, dance and fashion via the talented and creative contributions of local artists.


While all hotels have managers, bell staff, a concierge and other service representatives, the FOUND:RE Phoenix also has on staff a Cultural Curator whose role is to captivate senses by weaving local art into every possible moment along the guests’ journey. The entire hotel staff act like docents, familiar the featured art and ready to share stories as questions arise.

By positioning itself as the as the epicenter for our city’s culture, the FOUND:RE Phoenix is making a brand promise that is certain to lure travelers from around the world. That’s great for business, and even better for hundreds of local artists whose works will be integrated into the hotel’s programming throughout the year. In a sense, the hotel operates like one big gallery, where artists stand to gain from the exposure, and income generated from sales of pieces featured throughout the space – from the lobby, restaurant, Studio and guest rooms, to the restrooms, banquet room and pool.


All art is for sale. If a guest sees something they like, or that might make a cool gift, they can purchase directly from the hotel, or the online Gallery. Purchases can be taken when they check out, or shipped by the FOUND:RE Phoenix for an additional fee.  Rather than leave with a t-shirt or coffee mug, they’re taking home a souvenir of local cultural significance. That’s a revenue model that’s good for the FOUND:RE Phoenix, good for the local artists, and good for greater Phoenix.

“We’re providing a very purposeful arts and culture experience, and when guests arrive, they’re ready to soak it all in. They’re noticing every detail, from the artist designed lighting and room numbers, to the murals, wall hangings and sculptures. We’re already getting numerous inquiries from guests about the art that is featured here.”

Mike Oleskow, FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel Cultural Curator


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