Atmosphere Commercial Interiors

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors, located in Downtown Phoenix, partners with its community members by providing a creative space for meetings and network gatherings, while also paying homage to the history of its downtown location.

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is one of the largest office furniture and commercial interior firms in the United States.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arizona, Atmosphere in Phoenix is embedded deeply in its community and is passionate about providing world-class workspaces.  Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is a part of Omni Workspace Company.

“When we moved to the Downtown Phoenix community in November of 2016, we wanted to fully embrace being part of a close-knit family of businesses and creative individuals,” noted Matt Avila, Regional Marketing Manager. “Being in the commercial furniture industry, it’s our business to display a wonderful and creative workspace, which we’re fortunate to call home. We also are committed to providing this space for other organizations to hold group meetings and events. If you look around, you’ll find unique ways in which we’ve found ways to pay homage to the history of Downtown Phoenix, and the fact that our space used to be one of the staples of the historic Downtown Phoenix Auto Row as the former Packard Automotive dealership.”


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