HKS global architecture firm and Phoenix office build communities through shared values, distinct projects, work spaces

With a striking urban-core presence in Phoenix, HKS is a global team of more than 1,400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists, structural engineers, anthropologists and other professionals working together across industries and across the world to create places that delight, heal, and stimulate peak performance.

The firm’s leadership team nurtures a culture of extraordinary people with curious and creative minds who are passionate about delivering elegant solutions that solve clients’ challenges. HKS esearch teams dig deep to discover processes and ideas that improve outcomes, shared freely for everyone’s benefit. The firm’s mantra is to be mindful of the fragility of all life, as well as fragility of our planet.

From massive community centers to hospitals, sports arenas and government facilities, HKS’ work projects, in scale and scope, are diverse and distinct. The worldwide team of talented designers and planners work seamlessly to customize each project, aiming to for each project to enhance the quality of community life as well as sustainability. Not only does the HKS team create beauty through client projects, each city features a distinct HKS home office, helping to create urban identity.

For example, the Phoenix office located on light rail in Downtown Phoenix, is housed in a historic building, exemplifying adaptive reuse through shared common work spaces and meeting rooms that create a sense of belonging, local authenticity.


HKS’s values include design, being partners in business with each client, learning, diversity, and protecting the environment through sustainable knowledge and practices.

Notable Phoenix projects built during the past few years include Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Banner University Medical Center Tower.





“My role at HKS is to help our clients focus on big ideas, regardless of scale, and lead our team to achieve extraordinary results.”

Principal, HKS Phoenix Office
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