Alta Fillmore

Alta Fillmore facility renderingCreating community, connecting artists and residents at the ground floor.

Alta Fillmore’s Ground Floor Project at 7th Avenue and Fillmore in downtown Phoenix creates a welcoming lobby, ground-floor space for networking and community participation, and a playful outdoor mural created by a local artist, contributing to the evolving revitalization of Phoenix’ urban core.

The project’s management team hired local artist Lucretia Torva to create an outdoor mural on the north side of the apartment complex, creating intrigue and street-level fun. Alta Fillmore Lucretia Torva mural photo


Alta Fillmore peopleAlta Fillmore events help to create a strong sense of community among Alta Fillmore’s residents as well as create opportunities for business development. Events are scheduled to provide opportunities for marketing the newly constructed apartments located at 7th Avenue and Fillmore, as well as bring people together to network and learn about the area’s urban assets.

The open space on the ground floor includes a kitchen area, coffee shop, and huge, wall-mounted TV surrounded by tables and ample spaces for seating. The space features large, open windows connecting Fillmore Street to the ground floor networking area, as well as the pool and patio on at the inner core of the residential complex. The space features art created by local artists.

Alta Fillmore inside lobby Alta Filmore 2

The residential space and culture of connecting with the greater downtown community has helped attract employees such as listing agent Paulina, who coordinates monthly themes, experiences, and events hosted at the Ground Floor Project.


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